The ‘decontextualisation’ of materials (taking them out of their normal context and placing them in another) is, for many artists, a stimulus for continual creativity. Here we have areas and surfaces of floors and walls designed using biocompatible materials in various effects.

  • Exclusive monolithic floorings
  • Artistic coatings
  • Wall decorations
  • Personalized textures
  • Method free from cement, lime and epossidic resin
  • Completely water based painting
  • Biocompatible
  • Transpiring
  • Extremely elastic
  • Exceptionally hard
  • Resistant to stains and intense pedestrian traffic
  • Easily to revive
  • Suitable for: private housings, stores, showrooms, shops and offices.
  • Applicable outside
  • Excellent power against scratches
  • Available in semi polished or glazed version


The resin floor coating represents today, among the infinite and creative programs of the contemporary architecture and interior design, one of the more innovative and elegant solution to the increasing needs of esthetic exclusiveness.

The resin floor has no limit also with the more variegated creative intuitions;

This is possible thanks to the ductility and to the wide range of combined and superimposed colorings in order to obtain extraordinary results.

The wall cladding glows, showing a new dimension with exciting visual effects.

Decorative light elements, skifully placed into the wall cladding, can be custumized for design and colour according to the customer’s specific living requirements.

Expressions of timeless elegance, a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary tastes.

Past nuances suggested again in a resin floor

The special finish gives the resin floor surface incomparable hardness, durability and waterproofing.